Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Life of Brion......

There has been a new arrival in our family who has rocked our world!

My parents sadly lost our two family Laboradors last year, and when they told us that there was to be the patter of little feet in the house, we were relieved to hear that it was infact to be dog paws!

As it turned out, the patter turned out to be an almighty crash with the arrival of Brion, adopted from our local animal shelter - HULA. He is a two year old boxer cross mastiff and he is huuuuuge! On first appearances you could be forgiven for thinking OMG what is that (he is not the prettiest picture in the gallery!) but his personality is something else and we have all been head over heels with him from day one.

Unfortunately it was drama from the get go as, he was picked up on a Saturday and on Sunday morning he got out of the garden and was missing for about 4 hours. My parents and sister were frantically out looking for him (fearing the worst) and friends and neighbours were also out looking as well as the HULA staff who were getting ready to print out 'missing dog' posters.

In the end, he was found by a neighbours' dog, about 20 yards from my mum and dad's house, where another house is being refurbished in Grand Design style. The silly mutt had fallen down a hole and couldn't get out, and also didn't think to bark, even though everyone had been calling him. Anyway, to cut a long story short, he was rescued from the hole none the worst for wear. He just shook himself down and looked at my traumatised parents as if to say 'so what game are we going to play next then??'

As a result of all this, my parents have decided to re-fence the whole boundary of their property..... no small job but worth it to save their sanity! As it turns out, my husband is the lucky winner in terms of who gets to put the fence up, with a bit of help from my dad. This week they have had aches and pains where they didn't even know they had muscles!!

As for Brion......he has settled in to his new life just fine!!
No doubt there will be more Brion antics to look forward to in the future.....

Sharon x


  1. lol What a beaut! Amazing how he resembles my bruv!! You don't have to be a beauty to be a 'beauty' x At least he hadn't dug the hole he fell into x Sue x

  2. Dougal & I look forward to " The Adventures of Brion", we think he looks really Handsome. Mary (& Dougal) X


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