Sunday, 20 February 2011

Oh dear.... no time to craft!!

Oh dear - this last week has been pretty manic,and there has just been no time to craft! Work has been pretty full on, and my husband and I have been emptying out the loft ready for some new insulation to be put in. A job that will really benefit us in the future, but, since we are both hoarders, the loft is a place where we don't venture too often, let alone contemplate emptying it out,

Anyway, I can finally say, we've done it! The job of taking out all the old lagging and the little insulation wood chips that we liberally sprinkled around some years ago proved to be totally back breaking, and running all the stuff up and down the stairs certainly gave us both a workout.

We now have the job of going through all the stuff and deciding what we can bear to part with, before we start loading up the loft again - I think we are going to have to get tough!!

Anyway, after grappling with accounts all dayat work, and physical exercise till about 10pm at night with the loft, I guess you could say I have been away with the fairies.......which brings me back to my card.

This is the marigold fairy from the flower fairies in the garden set. The image is coloured with water colour pencils and the backing papers come from the flower fairies CD. And not forgetting my Stamps by Judith stubby dots stamp which I have used to make the dotty background around the edge of the image.

So that's my card for today.

Just a little note for your diaries as well - there's a Little Claire's show coming up on Create and Craft this Wednesday, so watch out for that one and maybe set your record buttons!!

Happy crafting.

Sharon x


  1. Hi Sharon,

    Don't relish the job of empyting your loft lol I can imagine what my dear brother has stashed up there over the years. Plus with all the insulation you have to remove - itchy and disgusting! Lucky you!! I replied to your message about scampi on my blog. She is moving a little but not much :( I wonder if she banged it whilst at the dog groomer's on Fri. She has been slipping for a while but now its permenant. Always manages to move tho' when there is a speckle of food near by!!

    Your card is lovely by the way! I love fairies

    Sue x

  2. Oh I'm tired just reading this! It'd be the same if we had to clear our loft out, I dread to think how much clutter is up there! Fab card hun, lovely image and colours :o) Lisa x

  3. This is a beautiful card Sharon. x

  4. Gorgeous card - I don't envy you all that clearing out and tidying, sounds like too much hard work to me!!

    Helen x

  5. Lovely card Sharon...........Our loft is also a hoarding place...........and needs sorting out.......mmh..........not looking forward to the challenge.....maybe we'll just put it off for a while...xxGaynor

  6. Lofts!! We had our loft lagged with 10" of insulation, so now we can only store 'stuff' in one area. The good thing is we can't put loads up there but I had to number each box and draw a map at to where each box is! Ugh!!Lol!

    This card is gorgeous. Love fairies!
    Glad to be of help with the Grand Nesties. I am glad I bought the Joy machine, as the Excalibur does not have a plate yet to take the embossing folders! I have also put a tutorial on my blog to cut an easel card with a Nestie.
    Carol S. xx

  7. Gorgeous card, beautiful fairy and fab colours.

  8. Very pretty! I love the colors and clean design.



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