Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Because I 'felt' like it

I recently had a hankering to play with felt…don't know why but it reminds me a lot of needlework during my school days, and felt is so easy to work with, it very relaxing I think.

So, many months ago I bought a cute set of patterns from http://www.sewsweet.co.uk , printed it……..and then left it sitting in a folder!

Finally, I managed to find the time to make my first felt character and here he is. He was made very easily during and evening, whilst watching TV. Once i had made him, I was hooked, so since then I have been dabbling with other Christmas characters and some little baubles too.

I think crafting is all about fun, and you shouldn't feel tied to one particular thing…sometimes I want to paper craft…sometimes I want to sew or crochet, or make jewellery. It's all good as far as I am concerned, just us long as you are being creative and getting a little buzz of satisfaction from whatever you are doing.

So…..even though this is a paper craft blog…..here's my little felt snowman, with not a scrap of paper in sight.

I hope he has brought you a little smile today.

Sharon x


  1. Sharon this is gorgeous! So cute. Jo x

  2. Eeeek, I've been AWOL again and missed lots of lovely cards on your blog! I can see you have been busy as usual and I love your felt snowman...it's nice to do something different once in a while and he is really adorable :-)
    Big hugs, Kat xx


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