Friday, 29 April 2011

HRHs and PJs

Well today I am not ashamed to say that I have sat in my pyjamas until midday! It's not my normal style, but I got up intending to casually watch the Royal Wedding in the backgound whilst getting on with other things, but ended up totally hooked and watching every moment.

A quick round up of my thoughts:

- I was having kittens when Prince William didn't come out of Clarence House on schedule - was wondering if his nerves had got the better of him.

- I found the whole thing a lot more emotional than I expected......I guess I am a softy after all.

- I thought Kate's dress was FAB!!!

- And my final thought.......would it really kill Victoria Beckham to crack a smile once in a while? I think I would like her a lot more if she did!!!

Based on that little list, I don't think I'll ever make it as a Royal Correspondent, so I guess I had better stick with the card making. And on that note, here's a picture (rubbish quality - sorry!) of a card I made using the Little Claire's hedgehogs, which I belive are going to be featuring in one of the May shows on Create and Craft.

That's it from me today. Thanks for looking.

Sharon x


  1. Great card! I ended up watching most of it too even though I hadn't planned to. I crafted at the same time and got loads done!

  2. Super sweet card Sharon :o) Love how you've used the hedgie images, great design. Kate's dress was lovely wasn't it? Lisa x

  3. Fab card Sharon, watched the wedding as well, what I want to know is how did Victoria have that hat attached? Mary x

  4. Love your gorgeous, adorable card.

  5. Great card and I love the way you've attached the little hedgehog images.

    Helen x


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