Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Keeping it simple - that just about sums it up for me. I have spent a day at work today grappling with various spreadsheets and reports, and I can't even work out what day / month / year it is, let alone be trusted to figure out profits losses etc!!

So, I thought that, in line with my general frame of mind, I would show you something nice and simple today. It's a card made with the shortly to be released wedding window set from LittleClaire's. The set comes with a lovely stained glass window, a vintage car and some greetings, but I opted just to use the Church scene for this card and go for a classical wedding card look.

This was very simply done by stamping and embossing the image in gold andthen mounting on to some gold trellis paper and pearlescent paper that I happened to have in my stash. No colouring required!!

I quite like the simplicity of this card, and I hope you do to!

Thanks for looking. I'm going to out my feet up later and watch the Create and Craft show featuring Little Claires, which I recorded earlier today ( at least that was one thing that I managed to do without getting my days wrong!

Sharon xx


  1. really nice sharon. Happy New Year. Tracy x

  2. I love the clean effect of this,another good example of 'less is more'. And the cream and gold makes it look classy! x

  3. Really effective, love the paper,it looks like you've stamped and embossed the background too. x

  4. Beautiful - I love clean and simple too! Sometimes it's just about all I can manage!!

    Helen x


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