Saturday 4 June 2011

A lightbulb moment

To anyone who is interested, I have found a way to kind of get round the comments issue.

On my own blog I went to settings and comments and and then scrolled down to the bit where you can decide who is allowed to comment on your blog. If you allow anyone to comment this will add an anonymous and name / url options to the select area of your comments page.

I think that, as a commenter you will be able to select one of these choices and make a comment.

I need to find another blog who has these options to try it out and see if it works, but if someone would like to try and comment on my blog and let me know if it works I would be most grateful!


Sharon x


  1. Also, when signing in to google if you untick the box where it says stay signed, this seems to do the trick - see you later this afternoon!! Sue x

  2. I agree with Sue as I had the same problem and since I unticked my stay signed box mine has worked perfectly. Carol S.x


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