Saturday 14 June 2014

My new thing

I have wanted to learn to crochet for years now, and those of you who follow my blog may have seen the crochet chicks that I made for Easter, which were my first ever attempt at crochet.

Well, this is my second attempt. I found a very talented lady, called Shorn Ojala on You Tube, who designs her own Amigurumi animals. She then makes a video showing you how to do them and you can also get the written pattern from her blog for free!

So I decided to move on from the chick and try something with limbs instead and this is the result.
Now I have to admit that his face is a little bit creepy - I think it is mostly down to these eyes. I think I will go for plain black ones next time and maybe a little bit of felt for the nose.
I don't think that this one is good enough to give to anyone, but we can definitely call it a work in progress. I am on to my second bunny now as my sister asked for one….hope it's face comes out a bit more friendly looking!

Thanks for looking and here is a link to Sharon Ojala's blog in case you wanted to take a look……

Sharon x


  1. This is fabulous, I am a new self taught "hooker" too and have found Happy Berry Crochet invaluable for the same reasons, easy to follow tutorials and great patterns xx

  2. He is very cute, I can crochet round a blanket but this looks daunting, maybe one day!

  3. Too cute Sharon and I like his little face, don;t think he looks scary at all. I haven't crocheted for years so might check the video out. Thanks ofr the link :) Donna ♥ x


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