Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Amigurumi Dog - My little flat friend

Hi there. I am diverting from paper craft today to blog one of my other crafting passions, in the shaper of Amigurumi. I taught myself the basics of crochet about a year ago, specifically so that I could make toys, as I was really drawn to them.

After tackling a few chicks and rabbits, this was my first more ambitious project which was destined to be a Christmas present for a two year old member of my family.
The idea is that he is a bit like a pillow, so you can cuddle him, lay on him, have him as a comforter etc.
He took a little while to make but he was really worth it…..in fact he nearly didn't leave my home!!

Anyway, I hope you like him, and thanks so much for stopping by.

Sharon x

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  1. Your little flat friend is just adorable - I would have wanted to keep him too!! The only thing I 've ever crocheted are squares - not very exciting - but I have knitted lots of Action Man and Sindy clothes over the years.
    Alison x


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