Monday 20 September 2010

My second blog award!

I am so pleased to have received another blog award from none other than the lovely Kay Carley, and here it is!

As the lucky recipient of this award, I have to thank the person who gave it to me - so thank you very much Kay!

I have to post the award on my blog......ta daaa!

I have to list three things I like about myself.  Hmmmm
  • I like that I am left handed - it's good to be a liitle different.
  • I like that I am a mum (my boy is everything to me!)
  • I like that I am a big softie (although it can be embarrasing as I will cry at the silliest of movies - including when King Kong fell of the Sky Scraper!)
I have to post a picture of myself that I like.....This is quite hard as I don't like myself in pictures, but I like this one as it is kind of quirky. It was taken in the caves a Cheddar Gorge.

Finally I get to pass this award on the 5 deserving bloggers so here goes. I have given my awards to people who come to visit my blog and leave lovely comments, which is an honour as their blogs contain some fantastic work. Take a look and you will see what I mean....

Sharon x


  1. Thank you, Sharon!

    I love looking at other people's blogs - it's such a good way to get inspiration and also to see what's new on market too. Not that I need much encouragement to spend money!!


  2. thanks for the award sharon very much appreciated
    wish i knew how to pass them on to blogs i like
    any help would be very much appreciated on that

    carol x

  3. Thank you Sharon, I've never received an award before, I am flattered to have been chosen by you.
    I am still learning about this blog thing but I love looking at all the different card ideas, keep up the good work.
    Gill x


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