Sunday 16 January 2011

The one that nearly made it to fame.....

Hi there,

For those of you that didn't already know, a Little Claire's show went out on Create and Craft last week, and myself and my DT friends were all watching (or recording) so that we could see if any of our cards had made it on to the show.

Well on the day, some of my cards got a viewing, but this particular one didn't quite make it. The presenter picked it up with a pile of cards and was flicking away, but then she stopped on the card before mine. As this is an A5 side card, I could see it sticking out behind the previous card, but then she walked off with the cards in her hands, to talk about promarkers or something. For the next 5 minutes or so, she continued to do this, picking the cards up, and putting them down again, with me sitting there holding my breath and willing her to show the card!! How ridiculous I am!

Anyway, despite my frustrations, this card never quite made it to the front of the pile, so I thought I would give it the limelight today. Better luc kfor the next show I hope!!

Sharon x


  1. Hi Sharon, Brilliant card I didnt notice that on the show as I was so busy waiting for my card demo which didnt happen as they ran out of time but I know how you felt. At least like you I saw some of my cards, maybe we'll have better luck next month. Wan'nt the show good though I thought Steve did really well and all our cards looked great. Mary x

  2. It's a beautiful card, Sharon - I was just the same when I watched the recording of the show. I kept rewinding to check if I could see my cards!!

    Helen x

  3. Hi Sharon, you and I were both willing Joanne to show our cards, lol! I waited with baited breath and then yes, she did hold mine up for a nano-second. I did see a couple more sitting at the front of the desk, so I was happy! I made a right fool of myself dancing around the room, my daughter who was home sick from school, thought I had lost the plot, the things we do lol! Fingers crossed we all get a mention next time, hugs Heidi xx


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