Sunday 30 October 2011

Something Seasonal (but not Christmas!)

As promised, here is something 'non Christmassy', and yet spookily seasonal!

This is a quick little gift that I threw together yesterday afternoon  as my son was going to a Halloween party and, although it wasn't a 'present giving' party, I didn't want him to turn up empty handed.

So I made this little goodie bag in super quick time, using my Sundae of Seasons CD from Polkadoodles and some lovely scrap book paper that I bought from Stamp Addicts last year.

My son had a great time at the party, but unfortunately I was then up with him till 2am as he was too scared to sleep. Not due to the spooky antics and stories that went on at the Halloween party, but because he was freaked out by the make up and the robotic moves that Little Mix were doing on the X Factor!!! Strange the things that get to people isn't it??

Anyway, I ended up sleeping on the floor in his room till I woke up at 6am and crawled back in to my own bed feeling very stiff!

As for my little angel - still!!!

Bye for now.

The very tired and slightly zombiefied Sharon xx


  1. Such a cute gift, I thought about buying that cd but talked myself out of it, maybe changing my mind now, hope the wee one is fine now and you both get a good nights sleep tonight, Mary x

  2. beautiful little gift bag, so cute and what a lovely thing for him to take to his Halloween party! sorry to hear he was too scared to sleep, hopefully he will make up for it tonight!
    hope you are having a great weekend! Debxx

  3. Very cute gift bag Sharon, a lovely idea. Hope you both sleep better tonight.

    Donna x

  4. Cool treat bag - I'm sure it was much appreciated. Jxx


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