Wednesday 31 August 2011

Easy Peasy - it's a Squeezy!

Yes it's a Squeezy Frame card that's the subject of my post today, made from scratch by my own fair hand! It took a little time I have to admit, but I think that the result was worth it.

I have tried to take a picture from a few different angles so that you can see the 3d effect and also the mechanics if you fancy having a go yourself.....

So here's the front view to start with......

For this card I used the lovely winter scene stamps from Stamp Addicts which recently featured on one of their TV shows. I stamped various different elements, coloured them with Spectrums and then cut them all out so that I could create a little scene.

To make the card itself, I took a C6 card and cut it at the fold, so that you have a fromt and a back piece. I then scored and cut out a window on the front piece and matted paper on to it for the frame.

I then made two concertina pieces for the sides by measuring two pieces of card to match the height of my base card and cutting the width to 6cm. I then scored the card at 1cm intervals and folded concertina style.

Once folded, attach the concertina's to the back of the card first and then matt patterned paper over the top so that the mechanics are hidden.

Next is the fun part - take two pieces of card and cut them to fit the width of the card. Tear and glitter to create a snow effect and then start sticking on your stamped elements to create the scene. Yoy can stick some pieces on 'flat' and some with stick pads to create even more layers. Hopefully this picture will give you an idea of what I mean......

Next, you need to attach the two scene sheets to the concertina pieces where the folds point inwards. Work from the back forwards and use a strong double sided tape for this job.

Once this fiddly bit is done it is simply a matter of attaching the frame on the front to seal everything in, and Bob's your Uncle.

Here is a final picture (which isn't very good but hopefully gives you another view). It's looking downwards in an attempt to show the dimension once again. Ypu can also see the conertina's on the side.

This card is now on it's way to the house of Stamp Addicts as part of my DT assignment, but I have to admit I was sorry to let this one go! I will definitely have to use this technique again - time permitting of course! - an maybe with a larger card base next time!

I am not sure if my description of how I made this makes any sense, but if it helps anyone out I would love to hear from you and see what you have created.

Have a lovely evening everyone!



  1. Gorgeous card Sharon, love the design and very pretty colours.

    Donna x

  2. Gorgeous Christmas scene card Sharon.

  3. Absolutely fantastic - I love it!! Amazing card - love the colours too - you can't beat a pink Christmas!!! Jxx


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