Wednesday 3 August 2011

More crafty gifts to show...

Lucky old me - my birthday continued past the actual day and on in to the weekend, when we visited my In Laws. I had some lovely presents from them, including some gorgeous craft papers which you will see on a card that I am going to post next.

My sister in law, however, also errs on the crafty side but she is more of a sewing kind of girl, who like cross stitch and makes the cutest stuff using felt and other materials. So here is an example of what I mean as she made me this lovely liyyle cupcake keyring, which not only looks nice but it smells lovely too as it is fragranced.

But - there's more - My SIL is also a supremo cupcake maker and I am her biggest cupcake fan, and so..........

These one were made just for me! Mmmmmmmm!!!!

My picture doesn't do these justice but you can get an idea of what beautiful creations they are and - to top it all they are sprinkled with edible glitter. It just doesn't ger any better than that!

It's true to say that these are almost too good to eat, but I feel obliged to help these cupcakes meet their true destiny and so half of them are now but a memory!!!

If you like what you have seen, why not pop over to my SIL's  blog where you can see more of her lovely stuff and also link to her Etsy shop where she sells her wares.

You can find her here.......

So why not pop over and have a look - you're gonna love it!!

PS -she also very generously gave me some crafty stuff and some smellies too - what a nive SIL she is!!

Sharon xx

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