Wednesday 13 July 2011

My Lovely Blog Award

I think I mentioned a few days ago that I received a blog award from my SIL - Sue, who has a lovely blog of her own, full of crafty things, which you can find here.

So here is the award.......

And now I have to tell you seven things about me......

1) I am left handed (although my teacher's tried to make me right handed when I was young!)
2) I can't wink!
3) I am a big softy for animals - real and fictional - I cried when King Kong fell off of the tower!
4) I have a thing for Vampire romances.
5) I used to design for Papercraft Essentials magazine.
6) I hate milk....I can't drink it, and I can't even touch it....yuk!!
7) I would love to write a novel one day.

Next I have to nominate 7 people to receive this award. I have thought about this long and hard and I decided to nominate some lovely ladies who have really inspired me (and made me jealous with their wonderful talent) during the last few months. Each and everyone of them is sooooo creative and you are in for a treat in you hop on over to their blogs.
Lisa - Wishcraft

Thank you Sue and all my lovely nominees for making me smile each day when I look at your blogs.

Sharon x


  1. Thanks for thinking of me hun, really lovely of you :o) Lisa x

    PS. I can't stand milk either, it's the smell - yuk!

  2. Hi Sharon, thank you so much for passing this award onto me, I am chuffed to bits that you nominated me...will think of 7 things and re-post on my blog shortly (I'm useless at these things lol!)

    PS: I'm left handed too...all the best people are lol!


  3. Well done on the award. Mary x

  4. Oh thank you for this award Sharon, you're such a sweetheart for thinking of me. You totally deserve this award as your creations are just gorgeous. I will pop this onto my blog today, thank you again.
    Hugs xo Jackie

  5. aww thank you for my award hun it is brill and congrats to you for getting it to have added you and am now a follower



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